3/27/2015  - You know what you need? You need my Cthulhu Republic designs on a shirt or hoodie. makes them and they are nice and beefy. Go buy one already!

3/27/2015  - Buttons!

3/19/2015  - I'm taking a deep breath, and getting ready to get back on with my life. We took 1207 submitted films and selected 35 shorts and 2 features for the next Bonebat Comedy of Horrors Film festival. I will resume cartooning next week. In the mean time, check out some wonderful stop motion animation that is FAR too sweet for my film festival.

3/4/2015  - Tickets are on sale now!

2/21/2015  - The latest BoneBat Show podcast is great. Check out episode 127. Seriously. check it out. It's got music by Illbotz and everything!

1/26/2015  - Gotta level with you. There might not be a toon this week. I've got a million and sixty movies to watch for the film fest, and I've been working on a tattoo design. So here's a little something to look at - art for film fest kickstarter supporters.

1/8/2015  -
I don't speak french, and what I understand of these cartoons isn't very funny. If it wasn't for the religious extremists, I wouldn't be posting this. But every time a person sees the cartoons, and every time a person reposts the cartoons, those evil bastards's failure multiplies.

1/7/2015  - What's the difference between a Muslim extremist and a bucket of shit? The bucket.

11/24/2014  - HOE! LEE! SHEET! The Comedy of Horrors Film fest is BACK and out Kickstarter is live!! Check out our kickstarter page, and watch the video to witness my complicated relationship with coke.
click my picture - >

9/10/2014  - I made this this morning. It didn't help.

8/21/2014  - A new album by Beefy just thumped down from above. I've been digging the tribute to the Lannister clan - Hear Me Roar. Check it out.

7/31/2014  - I know I've been all but absent here on the front of this lovely site. Sorry. I pipe up over on facebook and of course on the BoneBat Show. But lately, I've been working on some new ideas. Maybe a new comic strip.

7/2/2014  - Wanna see something weird?

A mall was built, but it wasn't up to code. So it was emptied. A fire burned the roof off, then the rain came and the lower level of the mall became a mosquito filled pool. To combat the mosquitoes, locals put fish in the mall. Now there are a bunch of fish swimming around the escalators.

Check it out

5/31/2014  - My friend found himself with needing a very specific "thank you" present.

Fact: Hallmark doesn't make a "Thank You" card for a metal-head named "Dave" who helps you out with your kid's production of Annie.

Fact: I can be commissioned / bribed to fill the void left by Hallmark. Check it out -

5/14/2014  - Spurious correlations! Everyone who ate carrots on December 16, 1776 DIED!! Data can make your point, no materr how stupid your point is. Data: if you can't fabricate it, correlate it.
Check it out.

4/30/2014  - This totally happened. So now I can get back the regular business of cartooning

3/30/2014  - Fight the patent trolls. If you know nothing about this issue, then I urge you too learn a bit about it. It is absolutely astounding how literally anybody who does anything on the internet can be sued and/or shaken down for big money. That includes ANYBODY with a podcast, a web site, or an app.

3/19/2014  -

3/12/2014  - I felt so proud of myself for recognizing a nasty industrial site in Benecia... until I realized that I was feeling proud of myself for recognizing a nasty industrial site in Benecia.

Still... these pictures are pretty impressive to me.

Reminds me of the 99% invisible podcast.

2/27/2014  - You wanna know what's weird? Dental insurance, that's what.

Dental insurance itself isn't so weird. That it is needed at all, that is the weird part. Why does medical insurance cover every part of you EXCEPT your teeth? Think about it. Take a basic hot-dip galvanized roofing nail, drive it into any part of your body (except your teeth) and your medical insurance will cover it. Toe - covered. Kneecap - covered, left nipple - covered, scalp - covered. Swallow the nail; shove it up your pooper; poke it in your eye; ram it into your ear and it's all covered. Develop a mental illness that includes a compulsion to mutilate yourself with the nail and/or phobia of the nail, and medical insurance covers your therapy and meds. But if you bite down on that nail and chip your tooth.. oooooo! you need different insurance for that. Those parts are nasty, bitey bits and medical insurance wants nothing to do with them. Seriously? Seriously. Think about it. Weird.