Mightywombat.com is the home for web comics and graphic designs from the mind of GJCaulkins. Equal parts nerdy and crude, highbrow and profane; mightywombat takes you to an uncomfortable place where you laugh and groan in equal measure. Gord does T-shirt & poster art, logo design and creates whatever needs creating… especially if it has skulls, scales or google-eyed aliens. Clients include those who hold guitar pics, test tubes, greasy crescent wrenches, and fancy wine glasses. 

And then the screaming started.

My lovely wife distrusts our hedge. It is monstrous, towering over the fence, and hiding God-only-knows-what within its dark recesses. Unless it is regularly kept in check, it will completely dominate the back side of the pool walkway, rendering foot traffic impossible. Trimming is critical, for unless it is regularly trimmed, then it must be pruned. And pruning the monster requires the use of power tools while perched on a ladder which teeters inches away from a swimming pool. But my lovely wife was having trouble psyching herself up to trim the hedge, because she has a very specific phobia. In her heart of hearts she KNOWS that that if she trims it, there’s a good chance that rats will jum

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