Mightywombat.com is the home for web comics and graphic designs from the mind of GJCaulkins. Equal parts nerdy and crude, highbrow and profane; mightywombat takes you to an uncomfortable place where you laugh and groan in equal measure. Gord does T-shirt & poster art, logo design and creates whatever needs creating… especially if it has skulls, scales or google-eyed aliens. Clients include those who hold guitar pics, test tubes, greasy crescent wrenches, and fancy wine glasses. 

You know Joe?

Here is a great introduction to Joe Frank, if you don't know his work. If you already know it, then it is a nice tribute. And if your are a fan of Radiolab or This American Life, well then it is fun to hear Ira Glass drop about a hundred F-bombs.

Emerging Missile Threat

I've been interested in what people did in Hawaii when the alt-facts missile threat happened. Overall, it was a lot of making coffee and letting out the cat. I have not read a single account of someone telling off their boss, confessing forbidden love, or going utterly bongo-brain. But there was one piece of data which is pretty amusing.

Joe Frank - R.I.P.

Joe Frank was brilliant. I want to say that he was hugely influential in my life. And maybe he was. But he never turned me on to a new band, or gave me words to live by. He didn't make me start exercising or quit smoking. I spent hours listening to him, but I didn't learn a single quantifiable thing from it. But he was influential. He lit up parts of my mind that would have otherwise remained in the dark. Hearing Joe Frank's work was like seeing a Francis Bacon painting for the fist time. You can't say what has changed within you, but you know you will never be the same. Thank you, Joe Frank.

LGBTQTHULHU sighting at Logos Books

The fine folks at Logos Books were kind enough to hang up some of my cartoons and let me meet the general public. Its a rare and wonderful thing to get to see people laughing at my 'toons in real time. But even more rare and wonderful is a sighting of one of my T-Shirt designs on an actual human in public. Please note the photographic evidence below. Of course, you too could wrap your torso in all-accepting Lovecraftian Horror. Shirts, hoodies and more are available on Redbubble and Threadless.

Meet me in person. Lucky you!

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. But occasionally, the apple gets a good bounce and rolls right out of the orchard. Such generational disparity will be on display when Logos Books features a father/son exhibition for the first ArtAbout of 2018! Rolland Caulkins is an up and coming photographer. His father, Gordon Caulkins, is an internationally published cartoonist. Rolland will be sharing his photographs of exotic cars. His work focuses a quiet attention to the details often overlooked in these magnificent machines. Gordon will show a collection of his cartoons: a brash collision of lowbrow gags and groan-inducing puns, pop culture and academia. Rolland and Gordon wil

Bicycle Jousting Lances

The neighbors don't know what to make of me when I post stuff that I'm giving away. Take these tree stakes, for example. It says "Get your kids outdoors with a good old fashioned game of bicycle jousting!* I have five steel lances – 2 adult size and 3 children size. Socialists use these things to support growing trees. But my trees are All American, so they support themselves. Come and get ‘em. They are on the ground next to my driveway… just lying there like losers. * Do not actually do this."

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