Mightywombat.com is the home for web comics and graphic designs from the mind of GJCaulkins. Equal parts nerdy and crude, highbrow and profane; mightywombat takes you to an uncomfortable place where you laugh and groan in equal measure. Gord does T-shirt & poster art, logo design and creates whatever needs creating… especially if it has skulls, scales or google-eyed aliens. Clients include those who hold guitar pics, test tubes, greasy crescent wrenches, and fancy wine glasses. 


It’s the classic setup: a guy finds a lamp. There is a genie inside, of course. Three wishes are offered. But here’s where the story takes a turn. Instead of wealth, power and anatomical changes, the guy wishes for wisdom. Wisdom. And with that the genie is gone. 40 years stretch out before they meet again. The genie is serving what passes for chili to line of homeless men. The guy can barely hold his bowl. He’s shaking with rage. And with palsy. “Where the fuck were you?” he sputters. “I asked you for one wish, and you abandoned me.” The food line keeps moving. The genie keeps serving. But the guy isn’t through. He’s just starting up. The man lays out a litany of misery: poverty, ill-health

So, I broke my thumb...

There are three things that I do for leisure: drawing pictures, playing video games and... look, the important thing is that all three of these passtimes involve the use of my right thumb. And since I mouse left-handed, I've managed to beat the final boss on FTL, and drive a lot of characters to their doom in Darkest Dungeon. But my drawing time is pretty limited. But I'll be back. And in the mean time, you can gaze upon a sticker and some random sketchbook stuff.

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