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Surface Pro 4 + Photoshop = sad face

I had a sudden loss in the computer family. Once the grieving period was over, I bought a shiny new Microsoft Surface Pro 4. It's slick. It's shiny. It hates Photoshop, and Photoshop hates it. I own CS5, and didn't feel the need to plunk down the bucks to buy CS6 or Creative Cloud. But now I may have to do so (though I see a lot of people complaining about the way CC doesn't play with the SP4). You see. CS5 and CS6 don't play will with the surface 4. Issue #1 is that the UI does not scale. The fancy HD screen means that unless you are comfortable reading fonts that are slightly smaller than "Liberty" on a US Quarter, you are hosed. This can not be changed by adjusting your screen resolution, your accessibility settings. Nope. Maybe by poking around in the registries, but...really? REALLY?! sigh. Issue # 2 is that the pressure sensitivity of the pen is disabled in Photoshop. It works with all the lightweight sketch programs bundled with the machine. It works for Clip Studio Paint. But not for Photoshop. In theory, they can be enabled by installing Wintab; but in my experience...nope.

Surface Pro 4 hates Photoshop

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