Mightywombat.com is the home for web comics and graphic designs from the mind of GJCaulkins. Equal parts nerdy and crude, highbrow and profane; mightywombat takes you to an uncomfortable place where you laugh and groan in equal measure. Gord does T-shirt & poster art, logo design and creates whatever needs creating… especially if it has skulls, scales or google-eyed aliens. Clients include those who hold guitar pics, test tubes, greasy crescent wrenches, and fancy wine glasses. 

Great Short Film

I'm watching a lot of short films, looking for great comedy/horror for our film festival. So when I see something like this, a GREAT film, but one that is not right for my festival, it irks me to no end. I want people to see it. So watch it here. Now.

Oregon Terrorists just keep getting weirder

A guy dresses up in a diaper and challenges the Governor of New Jersey to wrestle for Federal land in Oregon. For a group of people who claim to be ready to die for the Constitution, they sure have a loosey-goosey understanding of the way the law works. Last time I checked, that's not how federal property gets transfered.

Down in the Animated Hole

If you saw Season 1 of The Wire, then you ought to check out this animated homage which is set to the theme song. https://vimeo.com/150635087 My only gripe is that there is one frame which should have shattered into the word "fuck" about a million times. You know the scene I'm talking about.

Navigating the Aisles

Dear Retail Establishment: as a customer who suffers from the lingering effects of a brain injury, shopping is difficult for me. I can be laid low by comparing straight-forward price tags. And you are not making it any easier. It’s bad enough when use pricing schemes straight out of a devious math teacher’s pop-quiz: “$2.50 and get 30% off your third item when you buy four and present your super duper saver card!” But this shit is positively inexplicable: I had to text the above photo to a friend to see if I was losing it in your store, or if this made no actual sense.

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